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The Steady Cafe & Bar

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The Steady Cafe & Bar was a popular brunch and event venue in Toronto’s west end, located on Bloor just east of Dufferin. I owned The Steady while also running Taylor + Wolfe, therefore I was a major player in all aspects of it’s branding, design, and digital strategy.

While I failed to capture screengrabs of The Steady’s traffic while it was open to properly show the growth it experienced, you can still see a tappered off end-result here, taken 9 months after The Steady has closed it’s doors — Not Bad! In reality, we were getting about 1500 hits to our website per day. We were ranked on page one for many harder terms on a city like Toronto. Terms like ‘best vegan brunch toronto’ and ‘best bar toronto’. 80% of our event booking business came through our online form and every weekend folks travelled from other parts of town to check out the ‘best vegan brunch’ they read about online.

I was successful in getting The Steady a lot of PR. I managed our private Facebook group which honed in on our community of party goers and fostered their connection to the space.

  • Website Design

  • SEO: On-Page

  • Social Media for Business

  • Content Strategy

  • GMB Optimization


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  1. Simple website design with VERY effective form engagement
  2. On-page search engine optimization
  3. Consistent growth in traffic and REVENUE
  4. Google My Business Page optimization
  5. Social Media for Business with huge effect in traffic and brand awareness
  6. Private Facebook group management
  • Website Design

  • SEO: On-Page

  • Social Media for Business

  • Content Strategy

  • GMB Optimization

Content Strategy
Website Design
GMB Optimization


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The Steady Cafe & Bar consistently saw growth as I continually nurtured and optimized our online presence. The increase in online traffic was a direct, unmistakable correlation with an increase in sales and bodies in the door. Every aspect of our business increased as soon as SEO principles were applied to our online strategy.

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