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Taylor + Wolfe is a team of revenue-generating digital marketing strategists and creatives. We maximize your online growth and then Wolfe up the competition.

Your success is our success.

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Our Services

We are in the business of growing your business. Below are categorized lists of our services that we pull from when putting together a customized growth strategy for your business. Retain us monthly for ongoing, increasing results or on a per-project basis.

Working with us is simple. Once we implement your growth strategy, we update you monthly with the tasks we’ve performed and your progress so there’s no guesswork about what you’re paying for and how you’re doing. Kick back and relax while we grow your business online!

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Executive Consultation

Portfolio Review

Social Media Assessment

Marketing Strategy Review

Key Findings Report

Strategy Planning

Coaching + Implementation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Lead Generation + Nurturing

PPC Advertising

Google My Business

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Click Funnels

Website Design


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Growth Strategy

We specialize in helping businesses experience rapid growth online. Whether you’re buried, stuck and frustrated or just want a professional perspective on one aspect of your operation, we can help. We customize our process to suit the specific needs of you and your business while working within a proven framework that gets results across industries. At it’s core, growth strategy is about taking the time to understand your successes, roadblocks and goals and merging that with our business development and digital growth experience. Take us on for as-needed consultation that you implement yourself, or delegate all the heavy-lifting to us. We’re just happy to help grow your business.

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Digital Marketing

As digital marketers, we will grow your business through increased leads, sales and brand awareness by using online tools. Tools that we have highlighted in the list above like ‘SEO’ and ‘PPC ads’. If you’re unsure what these terms mean, don’t fret. More important than the use of these tools, is our ability to discern when and how to use these tools to grow your business in the most efficient and effective way possible. It all comes down to customized consultation and growth strategy. If you’re eager to make more money and take your business to the next level, please schedule a free consultation to go over our proven business growth system.

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Custom Design

Great design is the foundation for growth and a strong brand is the foundation of great design. A well designed brand can increase the value of your company, make acquiring new clients easier and provide your staff with a clear vision and motivation for reaching goals. When your brand, website design and digital marketing materials are all in sync it sets the stage for rapid growth and increased sales. We have 20+ years of experience in all aspects of design and web development.

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Our Work

Having an incredible online strategy will increase the amount of people who look at your business online (traffic). BUT, if the design you’re using doesn’t inspire that traffic to convert into paying customers, then we can help with that too. Modern and effective design is crucial to grow your business.

Our Work

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The team at Taylor + Wolfe managed the entire design and marketing effort for my start-up, Autonomy Insurance. Taylor + Wolfe brought the company from an idea to a tangible concept – they provided our start up with tremendous credibility straight out of the gate with clean, crisp design from our branding, to our online presence (web and social media) and pitch decks. They just have a great instinct and intuition for design and what works. I would hire them again immediately.
Keaton Taylor was instrumental in a complete and very successful rebuild of our health not-for-profit website. We needed to fuse two formerly separate spaces, a services-oriented website as well as a fundraising website, and we needed to move from an old static build to one that was dynamic (mobile friendly), form-enabled and easy to update on the fly. We needed a complete overhaul and rethink of how the site was structured, and Keaton was great at digging in and getting it figured out quickly. He is very knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the work, and very logical, while at the same time hugely creative with a great design vision, and also very good at listening to clients. That mix of the technical, logical, creative and people-oriented skills is very hard to find, so we were lucky that Keaton was available.
Kathleen Sandusky, CASEY HOUSE
Keaton was the consummate professional: his eye for detail, his artistic decisions, and his willingness to accommodate my constraints and deadlines surpassed any reasonable expectation I could have had or hoped for. Highly recommend. Anyone with a project needing style and efficiency would be lucky to work with Keaton.
Stephanie So, Geeq
Keaton was responsible for taking a new corporate identity and developing concept, design and production of Asigra’s marketing materials for both internal and external audiences. Keaton also was a key member of our team when undergoing a website redesign, helping with vendor selection, design direction and development of additional web assets.
Keaton has a great design aesthetic and was able to balance his design ideas with the functional and business requirements of his work. Keaton also managed external graphic designers as needed and kept his cool when under the gun!”
Amrita Chandra, ASIGRA
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